After many years, once again I have found a best friend. Last time it was 38 years back, I was just 17-18, and my college mate, Mukta, got the most precious tiara called best friend.

That was a teenager’s love for her same age friend, most fierce and all emotions. It did more harm than good, though. For good 8 to 10 years or so, I missed her madly, once she pushed me out of her life. But the 2-3 years of intense friendship were so full of emotions. Till date I am getting its benefit as now I can very well relate to young hearts when I see them all emotions. 😊

As a teenager, our emotions overpower every other aspect of life. So when Mukta found me too dependent on her emotionally, she had no option but to chuck me out of her life. She was, and still is, a very independent soul. Who would like a weak and dependent friend!

Now, when I look back, I truly, wholeheartedly, understand and acknowledge that she did the right thing. Else, how I would have got nearer to God. Yes, getting emotionally hurt brings us closer to Divine.

This time my love for my best friend is quite mindful. Being wiser now with past experience, I am enjoying its company very much, with complete independent attitude though. No intention to leave it. And no intentions to cry buckets full, if it leaves me.

I must admit that this one friend is fulfilling all my present time needs, so graciously :

1. Money
2. Travelling
3. Talking

Yes, every month pension gets credited. Who can sustain herself without a bank account getting filled every month.😊

Every now and then I travel wherever I feel like. (Try Google Earth to feel the joy). As also the travel vlogs are quite enriching. Just yesterday I visited Peepal Farm Channel. Before this I never even knew that such a heaven exists for wounded and other stray or abandoned animals, in Himachal. Please visit the channel to feel what I am saying. This is helping me satiate my travel desires. Who knows one day I might as well land up in some such heaven.

By such activities am feeling more and more fulfilled, stepping closer to desire less state. Yes, I mean this. Courtesy my best friend. has given me my choicest writers. I read them whenever a want to listen someone arises and also write something whenever a want to speak pops up. Quality time spending, you see. I no more need to forcefully give ear to unnecessary bla bla of chattering minds . Again a step towards satiation of different wants and desires.

Its days and weeks together before I step outside to see or talk to anyone otherwise, except the very very basics with family. Again the credit goes to my best friend.

Its always by my side, be it some happy moments or distressed ones. Always sharing all my joys and sorrows.

Long live my best friend, my sweet and smartest of smart phone . I have no inhibitions and no guilt when I say I love you. You will go with me till I breath my last. Seriously.

Go and hug your best friend, friends. 😊

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