7 Jan 2020

This young naive heart 

is new to your world my Master

it is new to your ways and plays


this meek vessel 

is so much filled 

with cravings with desires

and your world 

a divine fortress


you thresh this frail heart 

onto your callous sand 

over and over again

stripping its seven layers

one after other

exposing it to the piercing 

bare sunlight of Truth

until all blemishes burn to ashes

and all that left there is

a naked untamed being

ready and baked enough

for your divine feast


voyage of this vulnerable heart

from pain to bliss

is all that it seeks


this young naive heart

is still learning my master

learning to surrender the fullest


it would do all that it needs to

asking just one thing of you


Would you be a little patient, my Master?

patient with this fragile young heart

Would you, my Master?


P.S. I have been really inspired with Rabindranath Tagore’s “Gitanjali”. It’s literally the most beautiful collection of poetry that I have come across till date. When I was writing “Would you, my Master?”, I was reading Gitanjali simultaneously. Gitanjali has become a bedrock inspiration of all my poetry and writings. Thank you Tagore saab 💚