This young naive Heart is new to your world, my Master.

It is new to your ways and plays.


This meek vessel is so much filled with cravings and desires,

And your world- A Divine Fortress.


You thresh this frail Heart onto your Callous sand again and again,

Stripping it’s Seven layers one after other,

Exposing it to the piercing bare Sunlight of Truth,

Till all the Blemishes burn to ashes,

and all that left there is-

Naked, untamed Being– ready and baked enough-

For your Divine Feast.


Voyage of this Vulnerable heart

from Pain to Bliss,

is all that it Seeks.


This young naive heart,

is still Learning, my Master-

Learning to Surrender itself fully to you.


It would do all that it needs to.


It asks just one thing-

Would you be a little Patient, my Master?

A little Patient with this fragile young Heart?

Would you, my Master?

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