The poet saint of Maharashtra, Saint Tukaram has composed many abhang in his lifetime. Many of these abhanga’s are devitionally supercharged and touches you on deeper level.
Below is one of such abhang which tells us his yearning to see Lord Vitthal.

भेटी लागी जीवा लागलीसे आस, 

पाहे रात्रंदिवस वाट तुझी ॥धृ॥ 

पौर्णिमेच्या चंद्र चकोरा जीवन, 

तैसे माझे मन वाट पाही ॥१॥ 

दिवाळीच्या मुळा लेकी आसावली, 

पाहतसे वाटूनी पंढरीसी ॥२॥ 

भुकेलिया बाळा अति शोक करी,

 वाट पाहे परी माऊलीची. 

तुका म्हणे मज लागलीसे भूक, 

धावूनी श्रीमुख दावी देवा ॥४॥


O Lord, I am yearning to meet with you (to be one with you), day and night I am waiting for you.

Just like the chakora bird awaits full-moon-night because it sustains on moon’s rays, like that my mind is waiting for you.

A newly married girl lives in her in-laws place but keeps waiting to get invitation from her parents to come home for Diwali festival, I too (while living in this transactional world) am waiting for the Pandhari (Lord who resides in Pandharpur).

A tiny baby out of hunger cries loud and hard for mother’s milk, I too am waiting for my mother (Lord).

Tuka says – O Lord, I am very hungry (to see you) ! (Now) Come running and show me your radiant face (reveal your divine Self)!!

(Above translation is used from internet. It’s perfect as per my understanding, so used it without any change.)

Last year this was the time when I had booked my tickets and was excited to meet Swamiji in person for initiation. But you all know rest of the story of Covid and now, here I am waiting for ashram to re-open.
Until sometime back, I was consoling myself that it will happen soon, have patience but now my mind is yearning due to never ending uncertainty of covid.

Whenever I listen to this abhang which is sung by Lata ji with so much devotion, it stirs me within and tears come dropping without notice.

You can listen it here.

I have become that chakora bird….that married lady…that infant , yearning for Swamiji’s call for initiation.





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