Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

Jai Shri Hari!

I offer my obeisance to the divine lotus feet of Shri Gurudev Bhagwan.

I hope you all are fine….. I pray to the divine for our health, give us power to fight in this time.

We all have stories. I have too…

Inspired from Supriya Ji’s post: Β https://os.me/short-stories/can-miracles-happen/

Today I’m sharing my story. Although I can’t remember those memories but all I heard from my parents Grandparents Uncle Aunt, I’m telling you that only.

Story begins after one year of marriage. My parents were expecting good news. After few months they got to know they are going to have twins. One can not tell thatΒ  joy and that feel of responsibilities of twins… So the day came when those children came to world… They were one boy one girl.

My parents were happy by having them, after all there family was complete now.

But who knows what is hidden in the lap of future…

Bad was about to come…

My parents didn’t shared with me what actually happened but they lost their two precious gems….

They were happy few months back because their family was complete and now that happiness burst like a bubble…

After 2 year from this incidence, my parents visited Shiva temple. There were an old lady, she meditated for her whole life. My parents were coming back from hospital to home in way back to home they met my Uncle and

  • Uncle said: “you two should visit that temple today as it’s Monday.”

My Parents did the same, they were on their scooter. When Mumma Papa reached that temple there that old lady who was in dhyana start speaking:

  • “What that guy said to you it’s Monday you two should visit the temple? Shiva was speaking that time”

and then she went back to dhyana. Again after few minutes she said:

  • “You two are going to have child with in one year”

Her words, I must say Divine’s words, came true.

In 2001, on Monday, on the black night “No Moon” day, my mother gave birth to me… Now this couple was happy again…

But happiness was not for long time…

This child was me…

I used to cry for whole night everyday… That’s what my parents said.

This crying session was too long that it continued for three months.

The picture in display is the picture when I was three months old. As the camera ril of my Namkarna got destroyed so there were no pics.

Every week or twice in week my parents used to took me to the hospital and always doctor says he’s normal.

One my Mother and Aunt went to hospital and when they were coming back to home via bus I cried to extreme level that my mother asked driver to stop the bus and she went out and started crying. She said “Oh Shiv Ji, If you gave me this child as a blessing then I don’t need your blessings, I’m done now, I’m going to loose this child too, if you are going to take him away from me then why you gave him to me?”

My mother took me back to the hospital and there some tests were going on. But as usual reports came normal.

Now something worst was coming.

Next day, my uncle and father went for their work.Β 

In our home there were me, my Maa, Dadi and Aunt.

It was around 11 am.

Maa was doing her household work.

Again I started crying and this time it was worst.

My body turned yellow I stopped blinking and breathing… I was in my mother’s hand and now she was stunned. Dadi and Aunt started crying they thought they lost me.Β 

But suddenly in my Dadi’s mind one name came, and she speaked out :

“Oh Bhagwati Mahamaya, if you are there then please save this child, I’ll come to your temple with my whole family to thank you”.

As soon as she said this, I started laughing and playing like a normal child…

After that day, I never cried in night like before.

Later on the whole family went to Devi’s temple…

Then on that day my father brought new ril and clicked the photograph which is in display….

Yes miracles can happen.

I told you as it is…

Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!