On some days
you become your own muse
when things turn topsy-turvy
and your life becomes sad news
You become your own muse

When life brittles and falls apart
and everything around you
starts underwhelming you
you keep lingering onto yourself
like the last ray of hope
You become your own muse

Life is a stern tutor that keeps
pestering you
keeps whipping you till you outgrow
your pain and suffering
till one day you start looking
up to yourself

On days when you have nobody
beside you
when things start disappointing and
people fail to decipher you
and yet, life goes on like
it is ought to, and, one day
You become your own muse

When you begin travelling and
exploring uncharted paths
hoping to find light at the end of
the tunnel
you discover that you were
the light you had been searching
for all this while
in strange places —in flowers
and tombstones; you find yourself
becoming your own muse

You start singing to yourself
songs that glorify you
you start giving lyrics to the
melody shimmering inside you
you start writing poems about
your flaws and goodness,
and when you are besieged by
your own darkness and gloom
you start reading out loud
own poems,
loud enough to regain
your lost energies

You sit with a cup of chai
looking outside, at the raindrops
softly trickling down
your window pane
and you smile, knowing
you are at peace
within yourself

Your soul is a home of abundant
your body is a perfect masterpiece
your voice is music you can never
borrow from any cassette
and You are the muse you will
never find anywhere else

don’t forget,
dear reader—
you are ART
within yourself

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