I ambition fear, and how it battle it
Covid taught us lots of lessons- mostly tough ones but a few good ones too. I learnt meditation, reading the meanings of the scriptures and most importantly became a part of this lovely o.s.family. I have always been a book worm. And Covid lockdown gave me ample time to catch up on my reading. 
  There is something else that helped me get through Covid with a sane mind and that was courses on Coursera.org. They have these amazing courses which have the option of being free if you don’t need a certificate at the end. Just press “audit course” when they ask for payment options.  You pay the fees and get the certificate.
               I joined a course from Yale University-The Science of Well Being by Dr Laurie Santos.It’s totally self paced and you can very easily get an extension. What I loved about this course was that it gave practical pointers on how to improve your happiness quotient. Things we can actually put into practice. Of course in the very first week we learn that just knowing is not enough- you have to put it, into action. I managed to do it regularly till week 8 and then for 4 months couldn’t give it the time and dedication needed to make it work. 
                   I have restarted from week one again. I came to know today that it’s has been voted as one of the most popular courses on MOOC. They have dozens of more courses covering a vast array of subjects. If anyone is interested in learning for learning sake this platform is really good.

Thanks to this course I interacted with lots of people across the globe. And realized one thing- where ever we might be, we all have challenges in life- and the western people look upto the Indians in providing spiritual healing. Total strangers sharing their life stories and asking for guidance ( which unfortunately I couldn’t provide as I don’t think I am qualified enough) but definitely I was a shoulder to lean on. I got a chance to be a part of a meditation group, which has been carrying on for 2 years and counting. We have a zoom call once a week. Our teacher is in UK. One student in Australia and another one in US. Somehow we have been co-ordinating our times and haven’t missed a class in 2 years. 
     I shared with my family and friends that I wanted to learn coding – because I know nothing about it 😀😀. They have been encouraging but I am wondering, am I going to bite more than I can chew – after all learning coding at 56 years ?? 🤔🤔