We as a big pariwar are on a very high of emotions, feelings, love, devotion & divine bliss. After being showered upon by his unconditional love. (Here : https://os.me/three-kinds-of-people/ )

I felt like sharing something with you all…

Wrote a letter to Swamiji wishing him on his Birthday last year…

You are a Beacon

You are the Master

You are the Coach

You are the Guide

You are the Path

You are the THE

You are the Beat

You are the Perfection

You are the LOVE

His grace is such, nothing can be compared nor comprehended. Once you can feel his true love, nothing feels good. An empty longing, sheer pull, strong and heavy stillness….ahh feelings are such words cannot justify.

Praying for him, and being selfish human, asking for his grace & love.

— In his love, respect and devotion.

Jai Shri Hari !!!!

I registered for “Walk the Dragon“.. did you?

Image Courtesy: Designed in Canva and written by me.