Once Lord Shiva and Parvati are talking with each other. Maa Parvati asked shiva  “Why are People involved in sins when there are so many sadhanas/spiritual practices available?”

On hearing, this Lord Shiva said “Come with me, we will test people”

They take the form of an Aged Couple, And Near the Ganga River, Lord shiva drops himself in a well. Outside the well, Maa Parvati shouts to everyone who is coming after bathing in the Ganga stream, “Help, somebody took  my Husband out from the well, He has fallen in the well”

If someone came to help them she asks him” If ever you have sinned, you will burn to ashes if you touched my spouse ” on hearing this people ran from there.

Then a Young man came there and was ready to help. Parvati maa asks him the same sentence, ” If ever you have committed a sin, you will burn to ashes if you touched my spouse “

On hearing this the young man Smiles and said ” how sin will reside in me? I have bathed in Ganga!”

Moral of the story:- 

It is us who have given so much importance to sins, otherwise how still we are a sinner, when there is a Guru's Graceful hand on us? , when we have committed doing sadhana for purification of us when there is god's grace on us.