The expensive yacht was docked at the pier. The waves were waiting for the sailor to pull up the anchors and put the sails in the sky, to talk to the winds and allow the bow of the yacht to kiss the waves.

But the captain decided that the yacht would be safe at the pier, why risk taking it out into the perils of the ocean?But then the yacht and boats are not made for that. They are made to sail, to ride on the waves, to face circumstances, go into the horizon and help someone go across.

You cannot go across if you don’t let go of the pier. You cannot discover oceans unless you have the courage to leave the shore…

Whether it’s about old habits or old values or old life, they all become our comfort zone just like old beliefs.

To be able to discover the ‘new you’, the courage to leave the old is essential.

Don’t worry too much about the unknown future, the oblivious distant land.

As long as you have the faith in your sail and trust the captain (the wisdom inside) along with your senses, you’ll make it across.

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