यूं तो तन्हाई में खालीपन न था 

तू जो था, जिंदगी में उम्मीदें बहुत थीं।

Someone’s tears forced me to write this blog post. Currently I am doing an introductory program of Art of Living. There I met a beautiful soul. A beautiful broken soul. She lost her husband during COVID crisis. I know and most of us know how it feels. Let’s deviate from here for a while and I’ll tell you three stories.

1. My Mamaji had three daughter and He is a Nath Yogi. His eldest daughter was married to a Nath Yogi as well. After demise of eldest Didi, second didi was married to jija jee with her consent. Even my Mamaji married twice after demise of my first mami.

2. One of my close friends, elder brother working in Delhi died due to Dengue and left behind his wife and a beautiful daughter. I took my friend to my Mamaji, then Mamaji talked to both families and obviously bhabhiji as well and my friend was married to his bhabhiji.

3. I haven’t seen my eldest massi. She died before I was born. Mausa jee was married to my second massi.

And Today Everyone is happy and done justice to their kids. I understand the emotions you go through when you face such situation but the Truth is, we must look forward and accept everything as it is with a gentle smile on our face. I don’t say you get married again but I just mean to say open yourself for Life and it’s possibilities. 

I’ll share this post with you but Dear in any manner I didn’t intend to hurt your feelings. I pray to Sri Hari that may this post light the lamp of inspiration in the hearts of whoever needs to hear it this moment.

As my Mamaji says,

इश्वर पर निर्भरता का अभ्यास कीजिए 

And as Swamiji says,

जो यहां तक ले कर आया है वो आगे भी लेकर जायेगा।

Love and Peace