I wasn’t expecting that reaction from my mother yesterday night when I told her my result in the entrance exam which I thought was alright ( I got a 22k rank out of 12 Lac ).

I tried to convince her that I am improving (which I actually did compared to my last attempt) but she was so angry that nothing really worked. I just got sad and went back to my room and started playing video games as I didn’t wanted to address those feelings then.

But I think  it is very important for me to write down how I felt on a paper because that is how I clear my mind.

I drew a few conclusions.

   i. The other person is bound to feel sad if they were invested.

   ii. There should be zero influence of that confrontation on your progress. If you are content with what you got then just continue on your path.

  iii. Write everything down and analyse your feelings. This is a great way to clear your mind in general for anything. 

I am so grateful for this amazing community where I can share my feelings and perspective of life!

Thank you everyone for being a part of it.

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