2015 August ,and as always for petty and triivial disagreement as mother in law finding the arrangement of kitchen containers not according to her taste or dust on pelmet or a dustbin not shining spic and span and her commenting not as calmly, I used to run to Astrologers whom other freinds who were also in material pursuits used to reccomend.Seeing my horoscope they used to tell me to feed cow with roti and jaggery or distributing besan pakora to 5 people on Thursday or putting mustard oil on Shanidev each Saturday! This all was Pre SWAMIJI era when life seemed a set of struggles! On one such occasion Astrologer predicted all is fine for 4 years but the 5th year shows neither your children would be able to go to educational institution nor would your husband be able to go for work ,the situation would be so poor that u ll have to do your dishes and scrub floors too yourself! I was shocked to hear this ,he further added you ll not be able to see someone s face for months…

Will i be blind, willl there be flood or atomic attack or a earth quake or will My ideal and hard working husband with most noble habbit have some bad company that he stops working and we wont be able to afford our kids fee or workers as house help….all these ideas ran my disturbed mind….some time passed at September 2015 ,Swamiji found me…there was no such thoughts since he puts us in his refuge of bliss and protection…

But 2020 and with Pandemic, lock down ,social distancing norms…all school ,college and courts were online so no one was able to go to school or work ,Also as a precaution to avoid carona infection we dint allow any worker inside..so i washed dishes and scrubbed floor! Since all wore masks so i was unable to see face of many! All what i wrote was a work of fiction combined with reality! If in 2018 too if anyone would have predicted such life is awaiting us…how fearful and anxious would have we been!

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