I’m inspired to share this story after reading about a similar story by a fellow Black Lotus user Meera Om. She shared the story where when putting butter on the bread for a helper in her home, her mind whispered if she is putting too much butter. She overruled it, observing that she would want her kids to be taken care of as well by their employers.

I have younger siblings who often share their personal experiences with me. Any time they share about how their dislike or bad experience with someone inclines them to be unkind, I nudge them to be stronger and stay on the way of kindness.

We have not had maids or helpers ever. But one of my elder cousin and his wife have a relatively young kid in their home as a helper. They also have a son of almost same age as the helper they have. It gets extremely hot in summers where I live. While my cousin, his wife and their son sleeps in an air conditioned room in the night, that helper kid sleeps outside in the living room, with just a fan.

This has always bothered me, yet I never brought it up with anyone.

The other day I was speaking with my younger siblings and during some conversations this came up as to how those two kids of almost the same age are treated so different. Even though both kids have same desires and wishes. And they deserve same love.

To my surprise, my younger siblings immediately agreed with my observation and shared how they too felt that this was unjust. They agreed that it is wrong to hire someone to do your work. And if it is really needed to have another person help you, it is more satisfying to treat them with love and kindness than treating them as sub-humans.

I understood that if I preach something I don’t live, then I will slowly lose the respect of my loved ones. It is because they have same critical observation as I do.

The way my good deeds are noticed and emulated by my loved ones, my bad actions will either be emulated by them too or they will leave me since their conscience does not align with my deeds. 

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