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There are  some special need in life -physical , psychological , emotional , and may  be financial and social needs . Marriage is only solution , it  is a package of all  compressive needs  and in one shot  of marriage , all our needs are accomplished . We are not born with wife , we born with complete human being . In married life some of your needs  are to be fulfilled by your companion  or you  may full fill some needs of her mutually  . In present situation ,mostly married couples are reeling through stress and strain because of unwarranted situations evoked in their life – no need to explain . 
It is your conscious  choice not a compulsive choice to enjoy married  life . If you have a strong need then you may go for marriage otherwise not required to suffer . What we are doing in our life,  it is according to our requirement , how you do it , it determines  your basic  nature . There is a saying in Africa , if you want to walk quickly then walk alone and if you want to walk long then walk in company . This life  is a brief walk why you need a company .
But you think that life is long therefore , you need company of your companion, but it is important how you conduct your companion – whether by aggression or by love ❤️, that is the most important factor in life .
Therefore  , you have to organise your physiological frame of mind  to take care of your companion  to live peacefully and comfortably . Life is a brief journey , travel consciously .
“Parents gives the life to love ❤️ and wife gives love to life .

Om Shanti , astrologer Ashok kumar Rai,9810635903,Delhi 

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