Always wanted to learn to play the guitar but feel you are too old now?
You love painting but you can’t paint because you never have enough time?
Wish to become a great chef but scared because the hobby demands a lot of time and money?

We all have little passion/dream projects lying cozily in the corners of our hearts. Some projects show up every now and then, whereas some never see the light of the day. Then there are also some that are held so close to the heart that eventually, one day we bring them to life.

The inspiration behind these projects is always the same — the desire to create.

Throughout my life, I have had tonnes of dream projects ranging from becoming a writer to opening my own cafe to even becoming a big entrepreneur selling things made by hand.

In every project that I have taken up, whether to lose weight, learning to sketch, playing the guitar — I have always attached a very heavy expectation from it. I always want to master it and want that particular skill/artwork to pay me in return otherwise what is the point, right?

With the ongoing Instagram and WhatsApp marketing which seem to be so convenient, there was a point that I thought I could master all my hobbies with a little bit of hard work and start making easy money very soon. Hence, I started doing things with a very target-oriented approach.

I took up a subscription for getting a lean body in 30 days, along with a paid course on sketching on, and did I forget to add that I also bought a super-expensive book on Macrame (a knotting technique that I LOVE)— all with a dream of mastering them in 30-60 days and becoming a famous figure on social media, very soon!

Isn’t that a little too much of pressure on my poor little creative child? In retrospect, it looks like I am choking my creative child’s creativity to death. No wonder, I could never enjoy any of my passion projects and no prize for guessing that I never completed any of it.

But hey, I am happy that my inner creative child still has not lost the twinkle in its eyes and is flooding with ideas that shall keep me creating new things again, but only expecting me to be more compassionate this time.

So this time as I start a new project, I wish to write a small note to my creative child:

“This time I will just let you be dear child. Do not worry, for we are going to create just for the sake of it. It will not be meant to achieve anything but contentment. In case of dearth of time, I will take out small pockets of time, even if it is for barely 15 mins, just to be with you and listen to you :).”

Life feels like a present and full of embellishments when we decorate it with moments of creative satisfaction. Nobody in today’s time has got the luxury of “full free time without any distractions” so that we can finally pick up our pens and brushes to start writing poems and make paintings. Having a busy life must not stop us from making our lives a tad bit more joyful.

Many thanks to Om Swami for providing our creative souls with a platform to express ourselves.

You know how people who are having extramarital affairs always seem to manage to find time to see each other in order to have wild, transgressive sex? It does not seem to matter if those people have full-time jobs and families at home to support; they still somehow always manage to find the time to sneak-off and see their lover – no matter what the difficulties, the risks, or the costs” —Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert.

Why not be passionate about our passion projects the same way ? Never thought cheating could teach me this, too! Ha ha!

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