Zen is the art of writing with awareness and with an empty mind!


Creativity flows in an empty mind.

A full mind is not creative, but combinative.

It will combine all the garbage stored within in millions of combinations and may look new, but is only a formation of the old which was not before.


If there is clutter in the mind; it will reflect everywhere.

So to completely remove the clutter you need to make every act of yours meditative.


Playing is a far more richer joy than watching someone play;

Dancing is beautiful than watching someone dance;

Loving is deeper emotion than watching someone making love;

Life is for living that watching someone living on screen.


Nature is ever beautiful;

She always spread her beauty;

But only those who are worthy of receiving it,

Will see the beauty;

And if it is not revealed to you,

Sorry to say, it’s your own fault;

As nobody can take from you,

The divinity to experience life.


Don’t run away from sensory joys.. If you only know that.. Then mind will value it.. And for the higher joys.. When you get them.. The taste for small things disappear.

A child never renounces his toys,

When he gets anything better,

The toys fall by themselves.


Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels


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