Tomorrow is the last session of the Zenrich Virtual Youth Camp, yet I don’t want the sessions to end. They started in early May, and were conducted weekly by Sadhvi Vrinda Ji, Nishtha Ji and Ambika Ji. I was lucky enough to be able to attend these sessions, and I enjoyed every moment of them.

A wide variety of topics were covered over the period of weeks, and they were far more than interesting. I learnt so much from the developing adolescent brain to defining and achieving happiness to managing things like anger and stress. It was not only a very enjoyable time learning under the presence of such great teachers, but their content was impeccably put together. I not only learnt more about myself, but how to conquer obstacles most children face at my age. As Sadhvi Vrinda Ji so amazingly put it in one of her sessions, knowing how your own brain works can be very impactful during the years of adolescence.

Her sessions on understanding the teenage brain, sharpening it, and finally learning the art of communication and conduct were marvellously done. With everything from the engaging graphics and short films that related to her topics to the intriguing ways she weaved general topics into our own personal lives. It gave me a new perspective on my own way of thinking, as her research applied to the major percentile of children at my age. What intrigued me most was how complex and vulnerable the brains are during the teenage years.

Sadhvi Ji provided numerous tactics to build healthy brains (meditation, reading, creative hobbies, etc.) and taught us how to straighten not only our ways of thinking and operating, but also interacting with the world. I took away countless valuable teachings and was left widely smiling at the end of every session.

Nishtha Ji covered the arc of happiness over her 3 sessions, giving amazing advice on taking the path to happiness. She was engaging and grasped everyone’s attention with her topic of happiness. She covered numerous subjects within the topic of happiness including training our brains to be happier, unlocking happiness within ourselves, positive thinking and changing our attitudes and beliefs, and the many tools used on the path to happiness.

With fun videos and photos along the way, Nishtha Ji chose a great topic to cover over the span of sessions. Every subject related to another, and she perfectly intertwined her research and teachings with one another, resulting in these awesome 3 sessions. As with all the 9 sessions, I learnt so much and enjoyed very much as well.

Ambika Ji, who is conducting the final session in less than 24 hours now, spoke on another great set of topics. She delved into the topic of emotional management within ourselves, covering stress management in her first session and anger management in her second. As with all the sessions, I learnt so much about not only controlling ourselves but understanding ourselves as well.

She interacted with everyone and gave out many exercises and assignments as well that followed the arc of her first 2 sessions. Not only was her material delivered well, but it was intriguing, and that’s why I enjoyed every Zenrich session. They were interesting, fun, and taught me such valuable things.

But I just wish they weren’t ending so soon. Sadhvi Vrinda Ji, Nishtha Ji and Ambika Ji, I would like to thank you all for conducting such amazing sessions over the course of 9 awesome weeks. I would be more than thrilled if they continued until the end of the year!

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