4mo ago


देने वाला मेरा बाबा, मैं एक दिखावा

4mo ago


The Divine service to the Self/आत्मा के लिए दिव्य सेवा

4mo ago

नवयुग निर्माण/ Building the New Era

स्वयं के प्रति ईमानदार रहते हुए किसी का अहित न करें।

4mo ago

Avatar or Incarnation

What does an Avatar/incarnation mean to me?

1 year ago

You Don’t Deserve to Be Lonely

Compliment yourself.

2y ago

Be Yourself

The moment you become mindful for who you truly are, all negativity disappears.

2y ago


One who has given you the body will fulfill it's needs too!