2mo ago

The Anger of the Enlightened is a...

He cares about you, so much so that he becomes angry. This is a...

3mo ago

Beggar Who Realize He is King!

Krishna’s way is just to remind man who he is.

5mo ago

A Man of Meditation Simply Enjoys

Life will be utterly boring if every mystery is decoded.

6mo ago

Why Calmness Not Experienced Even After Doing...

The reason is so simple that you will laugh at it that you did...

6mo ago

How to Avoid the Negative Thoughts

Try to reassure yourself, never lose faith in yourself.

6mo ago

Like a Doctor

In my work I often deal with difficult people who can be unreasonable

6mo ago


brain is a wonderful servant but a bad master !

7mo ago

Saint Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and a Tantric.

How much sadhana have you done for this

7mo ago

When the Divine Decides

That is where we can find the solution.

7mo ago


If, I repeat if, your mind is not pure then don’t even think of...

7mo ago

This World is Made Up of Duality

You are likely to adopt at one place and forget at another place.

7mo ago

What is Kundalini ?

kundalini can be equated with the awakening of the silent areas of the brain

7mo ago

Tantra says do not wait until you...

For a householder it is not possible to practise everything .

7mo ago

What is This Seed of Desire?

“Devotion is love for the highest; and the lowest shall fall away by itself.”