Here are my two cents for living freely. It doesn’t come easily, but it is worth working for:

  1. Care less about what they will say
  2. Stop seeking their approval
  3. It’s ok to put yourself first
  4. Be unapologetically happy
  5. Say no more often

This business of aspiring for the good girl or good boy tag — it’s a trap.

We acquire the need for approval from others, as kids. To an extent, it is vital for our safety and survival that we are in the good graces of our caregivers. So we learn to display behaviour that keeps them in a great mood. We do things that fetch us the ‘good girl/boy’ tag.

The problem begins when we forget we aren’t infants anymore.

As the conditioning hardens, we fear upsetting others, raising questions, and disagreeing because we don’t want to be the bad person. We fall in line to be agreeable, even if that makes life miserable for us.

Let me remind you, you are now an adult. Stop living a restrained life for fear of losing the good girl/boy tag. Aspiring to please everyone is the recipe for a mental health crisis. It is also detrimental to your self-esteem.

Someone will always find you not-so-perfect, and that’s their problem. Live life to your best ability and how you want to. As long as you are not harming anyone, you are good. Don’t be afraid to voice your feelings. Make mistakes. Take risks. Disagree. (The rest you know: Live. Laugh. Love. Give).

My daughter assisted the domestic help in tidying up her room. She asked me, “I helped didi. I am a good girl, na?” Alas! Right under my nose, I am raising ‘good girls’. “Even if you weren’t a good girl, you would still be awesome and mama and papa would still love you as much,” I said. And if we don’t, not your problem — what I didn’t say.

However, if you, my friend, still crave the good person tag… Sigh! Ok. Fine. I will say it. ‘You are such a good girl for living it up for yourself.’ And you. ‘You are such a good boy for living it up for yourself.’

Here are my two cents for living freely: Get over the good person tag tell a friend

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Wisdom from Swamiji

One Life Many Lives: This article is a must-read if you want to make the most of your life. Spiritual leader Om Swami says every decade we live through is a new stage. He describes each so that you live each decade joyfully and not like a ‘morsel thrown at some destiny’. Print it and paste it where you can see it everyday!

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Spiritual leader Om Swami says every decade we live through is a new life. Here's how to live each one joyfully and not like a morsel thrown at some destiny. tell a friend

Now, I try to live for my own approval and care less about what they might say. But there is no denying the fact that your love makes me so joyful! Stay OSME and free 🙂

Until next…