A few days ago, I got  a call from an N.G.O. asking help for a person suffering from a serious illness. From the day I started earning, I was a money minded person but when I picked up reading as a habit I started to change slowly.

In one of the books based on Chanakya’s Arthashastra, I came across this beautiful line:

“Wealth comes from society and is best put to use when given back to the society in some form.”

And as Swamiji says and I quote the meaning:

“In the vastness of the cosmos, everybody is just a medium.”

I also read this somewhere:

“Wealth is not what is around you but what’s inside you as what is inside you is infinitely more important than what is around you.”

I guess reading and reflecting on these lines changed my perspective and I donated for that person as I realized, I am just a medium in the universe helping someone.

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