At the outset, a sastang dandavat at Swamiji’s lotus feet and my excitement is knowing no bounds as Saturday Swamiji’s blog will come followed by Sunday’s Doordarshan, I mean zoom darshan 😉. So, it will be a gala weekend. Oh Lord, please shower your grace and bless like this on all the family members of and on the entire mankind irrespective of caste, creed or religion, because hopes, wishes and prayers are not bound by these manmade boundaries. They just flow like a pious and strong form of energy.

A few days back, I read Tahira’s near SoS blog which triggered my thought process to analyse what actually is going wrong. I know Nalin had also some down phase owing to his family related disturbances. But the alarming words used by Tahira was just shocking. It was like a catastrophe striking a multi-talented and brilliant mind. She has such nice Study career one can be easily envy of. She plays Guitar like a pro, has such a cute voice and spiritually inclined.

But her words like “I have failed everyone including my life guide and I am a looser even after reading so many books of revered Swamiji and various others. This is my last blog etc..” was exactly what I could not digest. Yes, it is a fact as per my research and analysis that this kind of emptiness or disheartening feeling hits them who have an amazing brain needing lots of food, of course not mentos 😉. They are so inclined to find out about who they are, what is the purpose of their life and all such philosophical questions that their thought process takes a different frequency.

I want to categorize and please make no mistake between two kinds of tribes. The first kinds are intelligent and brilliant, but they never develop such questions so early in their lives or even in their entire lifetime. They remain happy with their materialistic achievements, settle down and lead the life in a way which is great for them, but not that great from spiritual point of view. Let’s call them Rockefeller’s obedient work force who are good at carrying out orders without much of the questions like “why things are the way they are?”

The other tribe are very bright minded with a different thought process integrated in their brain chip fitted by the almighty. It may be getting carried from the karmas of previous births. They perform good to extraordinary in academics, extracurricular activities but because of their off-beat thought process, they don’t find friends who match their frequency. There are a few percentages of these people found in a particular locality. Also, overall, their population is not much. Their family also cannot understand them properly at many times. They are treated as ‘abnormal’ rather than the other way. Their family members try to make them ‘normal’. But they go on for searching someone who can be their friend, who can understand them, their thought process and love them.

The craving becomes intense as they do not find the friends of same tribe. They see all of their friend hanging out, having fun etc. But they are isolated and feel detached from the world. As Swamiji has said that the toughest punishment in the world is having to live in some kind of isolation, it takes its toll on those sensitive and soft hearts. They buckle under the pressure of being unable to have a good company. And if they are betrayed by somebody they regard as their ‘friend’ they become totally heart broken. It is really a mountainous task for them to gather themselves and stand up again as all sensitive things are fragile also.

What these people need? They need genuine love and affection than a mere statement “everything will be alright”. First, they need to feel secure and be aware that they are not alone. There are people like them and the almighty who has fitted this chip in these selected brains keeps a tag on them via GPS (God’s Precision System 😉). The uplink and downlink nodes for these signals are super humans like Swamiji. Revered persons (true Gurus) like him have the knowledge of these sensitive people and transmit the signal with the required modulation. (I am going too technical, again sorry for the bakwas jargons 😉).

The tribe which is on is mostly of the second kind and Swamiji’s signals have brought them together as a very compassionate family caring for each other like a tightly knit fabric. From this forum, with this post and Swamij’s unfathomable love, grace and blessings, I would like to send the message that nothing is wrong with these amazing brains and souls. They are just a bit different from the norm of ‘normalcy’ crafted by god himself. And god has ensured avatars like Swamiji to understand them, love them and propel them. On their path, they are bound to meet friends or soulmates who will complement them.

Yes, it may take some time. But patience is the key. “The early bird gets the worm, but the second rat gets the cheese”. This tribe knows that there is something for them to do in the world but cannot figure out exactly what. They have immense potential which they themselves are not aware. When Potential Energy is not converted into Kinetic Energy in the proper way, they are dissipated by friction, self-doubt and other forms of energy wasting activities. So, my advice to the tribe is simple.

Please do not lose faith as you are all backed by Swamiji who is both father and mother to all of us. He knows everything about all of us. Just have complete samarpan at his lotus feet. This will create a superconductor hotline for signal communication with zero transmission and reception loss (ai ai o, one more tech jargon ☹) with Swamiji. Then only one thing will happen – “MAGIC”

Moving Ahead with Gaiety and Indomitable Confidence (MAGIC)

Jai Shri Hari. And may Swamiji’s unconditional blessing light up everyone’s path.