It was but two days ago,

At our Bhagwan’s abode,

When I was serenading Maa,

In my unmelodious voice.

But I know She loved it,

For She smiled,

And so, I did too.

Quickly looking around me,

With no one else in sight,

I broke into another song.

In my mind,

I sang and I danced.

I had the most melodious voice,

And was the best dancer in the world.

Now I am back in the world,

Without my Maa.

She is with me, and yet She eludes me.

It tears me, it rips me apart.

This distance,

Of some 2500 kilometres.

I miss my home.

I miss my Sri Hari.

I miss my Swami.

I miss waking up excited,

Rushing to the temple,

To the chanting of the thousands of names of the Lord.

I miss singing the arti,

Watching Sadhvi Vrinda Ji smile,

In Love with her Bhagwan.

I miss Sadhvi Ji’s singing,

Her gentle loving smile,

Her kindness.

I miss gazing at Bhagwan’s soft cheeks,

Wondering what it would be like to touch them.

I miss collecting flowers for Swami Ji’s padukas.

I miss those little moments 

Walking into the library every morning,

Going to the dining hall,

Finding the spot that faces the temple.

I miss Karuna ji distributing prasadam,

Made lovingly by her for the Lord,

Every day, without fail,

Come illness or injury.

I miss Wally and Goldy’s fights,

Toffee stealing my slippers,

And Teju sitting as calm as ever.

I miss the mountains that would surround us,

As if protecting us from the harsh world.

I miss the blanket of stars that would cover us,

Showering us with blessings.

I miss Vanika ji’s sweetness,

As she’d distribute flowers from Swami Ji’s padukas,

To devotees every evening.

I miss hearing Suvi Ji and Didi sing,

Melodious and full of love,

Putting our Bhagwan to sleep.

I miss the beautiful humans I met.

The kindest and most compassionate.

The ever smiling and happy Basu Ji,

Along with his sweet wife Kirtee Ji.

I miss the kind and talented Gandhaali Ji,

And the beautiful, hard-working Kirthi Ji.

I miss the kindest Anand ji,

Who showered me with lots of love, hope and blessings.

I miss my Sri Hari,

I miss my Swami Ji.

I miss my Devi Maa.

Tell me,

How to be in this world,

When I just visited heaven?