Of late I have seen an increase in people wanting to have pets at home. While there are various birds and animals that people want as pets, but dogs seem to be the favourite of most people. Afterall, they are supposed to be man’s best friend!

There are various breeds of dogs, many of which are not Indian. Infact few of them come from terrains, which are totally different than India. Eg: Husky Dogs are typically from absolute cold regions. Dogs are typically carnivores. But I know so many families who eat vegetarian and feed the same to their dogs too. They still adapt and survive.

Dogs are being used for various purposes – guard dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, guide dogs for blind people, and as police dogs. They are also being trained to smell diseases, find bombs or illegal substances. Sniffer dogs are usually used to help police at airport or other areas.

As we can see – they adapt to any kind of job allocated to them and in any kind of climate or environment. They can’t even speak, and yet they do their task to the best of their abilities.

The challenge is – CAN YOU BE LIKE A DOG?

As human beings we make such a hue and cry about smallest and biggest of things – changing of jobs seems a monumental task, little change in climate and we fall ill, a vegetable is cooked in less spice and we don’t like it, a new haircut style is totally uncalled for, making a new set of friends seems a daunting assignment, adjusting to a new employee seems tough, selling a new product/ service is too much to ask for, a friend who has matured over years is unacceptable, dropping a vice is improbable since it has been years you have it, few habits of our spouse seems unbearable, kids behavior irritates us to the core, horrifying past experiences are not forgettable, one person breaks our trust and entire world seems non trustworthy, someone of a particular caste does something wrong and we generalize the entire community like that, and so on.

 How about learning the basic nature of dogs – TO ADAPT. Just like they adapt to any owners, any food, any temperature, any situation, and any job, can we humans not follow suit? Aren’t we supposed to be the best of all God’s creation.

I am sure we all have had experiences, which are harrowing and unforgettable. Our trust and faith would have been broken. Some people would have said or done things, which would have created in a dent in our self-esteem. Our own loved ones would have treated us like an unwanted person.

Yet, rise we must! We need to take things in our stride. Afterall it is such situations and people that shape us into what we are today. Our responsibility is to learn from them, emerge stronger and ensure we don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

When our mood is not good, we have treated our dog badly too. But yet it wags its tail and loves us. They have the great ability to forgive and adapt.

In matters, which are not as per our likes – CAN YOU BE LIKE A DOG – READY TO ADAPT?

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