Look around and care
I dare you
Even if everything looks fair
It is rare that all is well

I dare you to care
Because the world is not your funfair
It is to be lived for the welfare of all

Don’t be unaware
For only kindness can prepare you
To enjoy your share of goodness later 
In this life

Make them feel belonged,
All of ’em
Care, share and be aware!


The above poem is inspired from my own experience about seeking a sense of belonging many years back. Let’s always try to care and give a sense of belonging to the outliers and loners. We could change lives within a matter of minutes! Our childhood very often sets the tone for our adulthood and some experiences can make us better while others make us bitter. Thankfully most people become better, and I feel that one person can have immense impact on many. After all, the same thorn can prick many people and the same rose can make as many people happy:) So let’s choose carefully.

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