Being a parent is even harder than being married as Swamiji said! Teaching and preaching kids benefits of eating healthy balanced meal while in hearts of heart you are craving for oil dripping pakoras,tilkis, samosaas, bhatooraas and cheese loaded pizzas,garlic bread,burritos ,footlongs or maida made momos ,kulchas,mathees, gujiyaas or Ajinomoto seasoned choupsey,chowmein, manchoooriyan or Sweet ladened coke,,Fanta, fruit cream ,gulaab jaamun ,kulfi or frozen( ready to eat ) Delicious food is an extremely tough job at times .I would say a lie too.Untill read ,understood or partially followed not to indulge in these cravings, pleasures and greed of not eating mayonnaise or ketchup dipped snack and eating bland balanced food for a healthy old age and disease free gutt is a struggle for us as responsible and well read adults but how to to control Vada paao,bhel poori ,spaghetti, hot chocolate fudge or Chocobaar ( dil maange baar baar ).Did u drink a litter of milk without parental pressure each day? Did u not eat tofees, chocolates,candies,floss or chooran? Did u not eat danhi cheeni with roti or meethe chawal or Choori as an alternative to regular food? Did you  drink 1 litter warm water with Aamla,allovera juice first thing in morning? Or did you not ask your mom to fry u potatoes or make tomatoes/ paneer sabji when all in house ate Khichree? Was not the only purpose to get an invite eating daal makhni,Shahi paneer,butter Naan and Moong daal halwa? Did you eat Papaya or apple as a self choice??????Fir bacho ke saamne over acting kaise karein???