I came across an animated movie Doraemon: Nobita and the Castle of the Undersea Devil. In this movie we understood that when we are together, we can overcome any obstacle and come out with winning hearts. The movie was well scripted and each and every scene was perfectly portrayed and giving pleasure to the eyes. One day Nobita and his friends decided to go on an adventurous vacation and they were thinking about the exciting place to visit. Nobita’s friend and partner Doraemon who always stands by his side like anything. He is robot but feels like human. He has so many gadgets to his kitty and help his friends have fun and help in many ways.

They asked Doraemon to please take us to most adventurous trip and decided to go an underwater trip in deep marina trench; Deepest point of the earth. They somehow managed to impress Doraemon with the idea and agreed to on trip. To unravel the mysteries of the trench they reached place with the help of the unique Anywhere door.. which takes them to any part of the world in just a moment.

On a trip while underwater, they were searching a treasure on an old ship and when they went in the ship they saw some skeletons walking and they got scared and ran out of the ship and faced an aggression with some dangerous animal of the underworld. They all got fearful and thought what to do now. They gathered their spirit and fought in unity with unknown mysterious creature. And all  of them fought in unison and helped each other in giving right advice and taking good decisions at right time. So, as it is cartoon movie but message underneath is just so profound that when we work together, we can achieve anything. We should help each other in journey of life, uplifting and giving strength to walk in this life. Such great takeaway from the movie to take home.

Happiie shappie rahiye ji…keep smiling.😊😊

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om