There is no standard procedure for the spiritual path. If we have chosen a certain path, sooner or later we will be convinced that this one path also has its paths. There are a lot of different realizations, meanings and informations.
My path is to constantly discover new paths along the way. My goal is all new paths, all new discoveries and all new insights. For me, there is nothing completely defined, everything is always open. Every path is holy, every path has its winners. My navigation is my inner compass, my personality and the moment I’m in. Each path contains moments, so every moment I decide again on the philosophy of my life. Only when you’re in samadhi, trance, happy enlightenment, then your path and the moment in which you exist are completely aligned. Then everything has a different meaning.
The safest way is to find some higher meaning for yourself, your life and the people around you. Then the path and the meaning become one and you don’t have to worry about life flows. Then all the paths are in the palm of your horizon. And that’s fine.