Lifestyle Audit

For A Friction-free Life.

You know, our lifestyles have become crazy. As the world is changing rapidly, there’s a great movement to adapt. The economic world, the technological space, the population dynamics  and climate change are the drivers of this change. As a consequence, as a society and even as individuals we are in ever shifting waters. And the side-effects of this busy lifestyle are already showing: mental health crisis, the increased number of suicides, growing ills of loneliness and sleep related problems, as well as health issues. 

That’s why it’s important to do a lifestyle Audit from time to time. 

As we execute audits of accounts, we should carry out periodic audits of our lifestyles—right from at what stage of life we’re in, how life has been overall, where’s the room to improve, what unfinished projects to complete and where to arrive at and so on. Why it’s important is because we are creatures of habit. And living habitually, we rarely reflect on ourselves. We keep doing the same things mechanically. Our souls go increasingly weary of the mundaneness of our existence and we lose the vigour and spark of life. We live, but without any life. 

And also for the reason that most of our physical and mental problems are caused by our disharmonious lifestyles—more pleasure and less work, more consumption and less cautiousness. The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies are growing day by day, why? Because of our wrong lifestyles. Our eating, sleeping and work habits are incongruous with each other. So, it’s only natural that problems would arise. 

And the third reason why we should correct our lifestyles is—for the sake of environment and the world at large. Our widespread consumerism, negligence for the conservation of natural resources and inhuman ways of exploiting the earth is a real danger to the world. Why do we keep on manufacturing vehicles and smartphones despite the fact that there are already more vehicles and smartphones in the planet than earth’s total population? Why do we keep on deforesting areas, despite knowing how vital forests are for the health of the world? Forests and oceans are called the two lungs of the earth. We can’t afford to destroy them. But we are exploiting and harming both. The reason behind all this is this simple five-letter word—greed. We are greedy even at the cost of our future. So sad and silly of us!

Anyway. The way we live not only impacts our life, but the state of the planet too. Just think a little big and wide. Ask yourself—is my lifestyle good for me and for others? What changes do I need to bring into my life? Is the way I am living completely okay to the higher purposes of my life? Am I living a complete life? 

And then, do the needful. 

P.S: This was the fifth and last post of The Write Choice challenge. 

Thank you.
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