Hi Folks!!

Hope you all are in good spirits!!

Today’s topic matters and belongs to many.

The Stress and depression  ratio is increasing day by day around the world.

Ahh!, sad but it’s happening around the globe in this present scenario. Even our very close friend feels shy to discuss their stress, anxiety, feeling bad or they have gone through any bad situations. Presently, even I saw families who hides their disease as well.

What to do with this to overcome this situation?

Everyone has an answer for that for sure to do yoga, meditate, keep yourself busy, start doing freelancing……and many more.

But is this they doing when they are in the same situation?

The answer is NO.

This is because we are not open with society, we always gave our 100% to temporary things in our daily routine that do not help in our long-term goals or life satisfaction. Sometimes our ego or to maintain the status we start living a fake life. We show we are happy going out for dinners, on vacations, spending time with kith and kins. But with time passing these all things converts into depression, stress, and eventually suicide!

The harsh truth of our today’s society is “MAINTAIN STATUS SYMBOL”

During this Pandemic situation most of the people facing these issues lost someone they loved the most, lost their jobs, having disease, and many more.

This is the time we start thinking about our mental health first as this is the most important to live a prosperous life.

Few points we should focus on

👉 Check on our loved ones, talk with them openly and discuss every issue with them.

👉 Start playing virtual games with families or friends to keep them positive.

👉 If some of your friend or relative is not fulfilling their basic needs without asking any question help them no matter what little things that count 😊

👉 Start saving money from your salary or business (Dasvand (Punjabi: ਦਸਵੰਧ) means “a tenth part” and refers to the act of donating ten percent of one’s harvest, both financial and in the form of time and service such as seva to the Gurdwara and anywhere else. It falls into Guru Nanak Dev’s concept of Vand Chhako.)

👉 Start reading to develop your knowledge, learn something new daily.

👉 Do act of kindness every day and write in a diary gives you immense pleasure and feeling of self-happiness.

👉 Spend time with pets, plants and do some volunteer work to help others.

It,s okay not to be okay- it means your mind is trying to heal itself.

Always remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE everyone is facing difficulties in their lives. At the end of the day, what matters to you most is SELF AWARENESS.

Keep yourself fit, eat healthily, and most important make a daily routine.

One life lives it in your way, write your journey!!

Stay blessed whole universe is yours. 🙌🙌