Based on true experiences with my father (Papa), and with my Guru (I take him as my father).


When I was born my dad had cried,

The doctor scowled at him saying, “it’s a girl, so are you in fright?”


He felt surprised and hugged me tight,

“Not cos’ it is a daughter, doctor,” I am joyous with pride.


Although rooms were kept dark,

His folks indifferent showed no happy-spark.


He brought mother and me home,

Welcomed me to our tiny and humble abode,


“Now that his crown has birthed, he will rise and shine,”

Mom said, “his princess will give him luck and a good life.”


He let me cry, allowed me my share of fights,

Swept away my tears, enabled me to live right.


He often worries and cries along,

When he cannot bear my swollen eyes or frown.


He set me free when ‘the society’ chained me,

He crashed open the doors that had ‘stifled me.’


He blessed me when I “touched his heart”

As he said:

“Daughters don’t touch the feet,

They are meant to bloom in the garden of her father’s heart.”

That meant for every girl he met,

Whether it was his child or the apple of another father’s eye.


When I am scared, he counsels me to conquer fate,

When I win a medal, he guides me to stay humble.


He shall give me away, yet be there, gracefully,

To a man who can hold me as his dignity.


O Dear Father, sometimes I’ve let you down,

I’ve failed many times, in the toughness of this life.


I promise you with all my might,

I shall shine; come hail, come storm–nothing will dim my light.


Your raising a girl will never go to waste,

Proud you will be when she will assist the human race.

Mitthoo Seth, he nicknamed me,

Finding the ‘prattle of his-little-one’ sweet,

I wish I were a boy, so I could be allowed to touch his holy feet.

Below are a few lines dedicated solely to my Guru, based on real events:

He was once asked about his daughter,

He said he has millions of them which one do they refer?

I rolled out a happy tear and surrendered to him, my life,

To him, I said, “Guru, You are my father, recognise me in that light.”


I had heard my Guru answer on the lines I’ve written above (millions of girls as his daughters) when he was asked in an interview about his daughter. The anchor radiated joy with this unexpected answer from him, and so did all the girls who heard this. The interviewer had meant asking about his daughter; the only one he has. But, his answer touched me and millions of other girls in the world. A tear streamed down my face that evening, thanking him virtually. Only if I could ever see him and express my gratitude.

” Guru does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” So was I. 

A few years later in one event in the United States, that I had never imagined visiting, nor had planned to take up, I received the opportunity to speak with him. In the middle of nearly 900 participants and volunteers, I was pointed out by him to take the microphone and speak.

Besides many other things, I expressed, “You’d once said you have millions of daughters. I am one of them. Since then I have given you the charge of my life. My parents and all my friends know this.  Now it is yours to take care of.”

He smiled and gave a gentle nod; that cheered me up.

Little did I know, I will see my Guru again so miraculously to be able to express what I’d kept in my heart all those years (after watching that interview of his).

Mitthoo Seth felt exhilarated so did her father (Papa).

Note: My father reminds me of an instance when he found me sad and weepy when I was about 14-15 years of age. He laughed out loud back then and laughs heartily even now, on learning that I was cross with him, as he was not calling me Mitthoo Seth, Sethu Methu often; which to me meant that Papa does not love me anymore. 🙂 He’s ensured to keep me smiling and happy ever since.


Image credit: pexel