Kavita and Neleta are my first cousins from maternal side! Our Nani was same though she passed away before we were born! Both my Twin cousins were born and brought up in calgary Canada and i have just met one of them that too for two hours , they or us never had enough funds to visit each other! Though we were like once an year pen friends just exchanging photographs or they sending me Mickey mouse and santa clause foam stickers and red back ground black checked dresses with white frill tops and transparent leggings! My metarnal aunt( there mother) raised them much more in a desi way than i was being raised in India! The other day a husbands gym mate discussed with me laughing ly that one of his cousins married an American Nri girl who was washing clothes with Thapeee( a wooden bat use to hit clothes to take out their dirt by our grand mothers or village women) ,he said Bhabee those who went abroad in 1964 are still in that era stopping to progress and raising their kids still that way! To keep the Indian origin kids rooted to their chores the Nri Indian parents are extra cautious to take them to temples each weekend ,make them make mathrees,laddoos and Daal dhokla ! Similarly both my cousins who are an year elder to me never dated any boy! Their mother conditioned them as having a boyfriend being a sin and non Indian trait( maybe high divorce rate/ use of contraceptive at young age or fear of h.i.v makes Indian parents very sceptical or protective to condition their children like this.) So both the girls married village boys of Punjab without even seeing them or talking to them . One of the boy wanted to be a Canadian citizen so he agreed to marry Kavita( one of the twins) but his drinking habbitts and disloyalty made my cousin part ways from him though they are still officially married ,the other cousin Neleta was an introvert girl and never wanted to share her private space or body with any one but once into marriage and having 3 kids ,u can have no me time ,so she ultimately left her tea tottaler spiritual husband and 3 kids and became a brahm kumari! She too is not officially divorced! Both the girls are struggling to make their ends meet ! Its so stylish to say u know my cousins live abroad, how poor and sad they are is their business! I would like to end here by saying grow with time ,break the conditions and let your kids discover their own truth!