My mom would talk to her plants.

As a kid, I found it weird. Fast forward 20 years. Today I talk to my plants.

Being an artist I have a unique fondness for various colours. Almost all colours attract my eyes and find its place in my canvases. Also different colours mean different things in different scenarios. But the colour green has a way to beautify anything coming along with it. Be it the tender light green of the fresh new leaf or the deep dark green of the huge shady tree. Any leaf, any plant, any tree just brings the place to life instantly.

I have recently fallen in love with plants. Anywhere I go I look at the greenery around me. Even as a child, I used to love the green corners around the house. My mom is an avid planter but I never bothered to help her with watering the plants or taking care of them anyhow. I always took the stand that she loved the plants and never realized how I selfishly just enjoyed the fruits of the trees she had sowed and nurtured for years, even literally.

Not many months ago, I took my mom to a nursery and asked her to help me buy a few plants for my house. What started out at one, to my surprise has suddenly transformed into a full fledged garden and I am really happy about it. In fact I always find myself looking at more and more plants to buy. I even google how to take care of plants and how to propagate them.

Without my knowledge, these plants have become a big part of my life. Earlier, I was never sure what gifts I wanted for my birthday. Now, when anyone asks me what gift I want, my immediate response with a twinkle in my eye is, “Get me plants!”. 

Image Credit: Brina Blum from Unsplash

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