Weekly walks with my friend have always been fun and eye-opener as a lot have been talked about and discussed. But this time it was an all-alone walk which I took to discuss something with me myself. And the Manthan that I had was about our Sanathan Dharma, and a question that came to my mind was,” Do we walk on religion or do we walk on the path of human well-being”.

Hindus or any other religion being followed and practiced anywhere in the world is a set of rules and rituals which are to be followed. These rules and rituals have been modified with time and some have been due to a specific set of individuals to benefit themselves.

In today’s scenario, it can be easily differentiated that religion has more become into the followers of afraid and preached by a certain section of people who have made it a business. Right from a small puja to astrology everything is attached to fear, which is directly proportional to the monetary loss that the individual faces and the other earns.

Sanathan Dharma started as the right way to live. It is the way to be in perfect harmony with nature and to make the most out of natural habitat. Our Ancestors used to live in such a way that they never damaged nature and walked hand in hand with it. The architect and material used for the construction were locally available. In the same way, rituals were either to welcome a new season or to bid farewell to the old.

Even eating habits were according to the climate and locally available products were used, in the same way, these were attached to spiritual and religious faith to make people practice it more. Our ancestors have created the festivals in such a way that we get into harmony with nature. Navartras after winters is to give your digestion system and eating habit a hold and prepare your body for the summers.

Could have written more but I think it will be fun on the discussion forum. Let’s make this way of life the way it was as an old saying “basic are always rights.”

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