In our fast-paced Modern World, we could always observe a busy tone keeps ringing inside our mind and shuts only when we are asleep. We often want to get away from all the noises in our lives. There are noises of city life, such as traffic, trains, and the sirens of emergency vehicles. If you live close to others,  there is the noise of people talking, sometimes arguing, and even partying. We often select our own “noises” in the form of television, stereo, and radio. Some of us have noisy kids or noisy neighbors, or even noisy barking dogs. With the advent of cell phones, people can call us when we are at home, in our cars, with others, or busy with other tasks. Sometimes the tasks we do seem to cry out for our attention. And often our noisy thoughts make the most noise of all, telling us what we should do or haven’t done. They accuse us, distracting us by their incessant talk.

All this noise often adds up to stress. Stress creates confusion, anxiety, a sense of feeling overwhelmed, and easy irritation. We find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time. Some sociologists argue that the noises of modern life contribute to the increased violence in our society.

And yet a part of us now gets bored when these noises disappear. I tried to practice Mauna and solitude as said by our beloved Swamiji. But I felt urging need to talk or engage in communication with others. I felt am unproductive in that silent zone. Then after a few days, I started liking it and I could clearly observe that my concentration and productivity got increase tremendously.

Silence can be scary. Silence confronts us with emptiness. When we don’t have external noise, then we are faced with our own internal noise. And these thoughts, emotions, and desires are often not ones that we want to face directly. Noise pulls us away from ourselves, forcing distraction upon us. Silence clears the storms and we are able to gaze down deeper into our souls, our character, our meaning, and our personal center.