As one keeps walking on the spiritual path, the journey brings forth break through moments. Moments of clarity and epiphany. But each of these aha moments also have a downward curve that stirs up tendencies or emotions that we often believe is something we can afford to hold on to just because we have experienced spiritual break throughs.

And these are quite dangerous and we need to be aware of it or it can hinder further movement. And these are the spiritual bypasses we tend to fall for. Or simply put ,excuses we find to cling to just because we experienced certain levels of clarity in our spiritual life.

1. Dispassion with the external world. Now a certain level of dispassion and lack of interest in the regular world is normal. But this dispassion can take a very severe turn which can lead to lack of compassion. I have seen great meditators so cut off because everything to them is an illusion that they start losing compassion for people/ others around. 

2. Unable to function and manage money. This is a very common thing that happens. Spirituality doesn’t mean you won’t need to pay bills. It’s important to know how much to engage and when to withdraw. It’s not good enough to say I cannot handle this anymore.

3. Meeting/ interacting with people. It’s natural as you move deeper within yourself you won’t be able to engage with everyone. That’s fine. But at the same time as you learn to move away from people who are no longer conducive to your vibration you cannot limit yourself . There is a story I read, there was a man who would have the deepest mediations, one day after his mediation he saw his servant do something that immediately angered him. He erupted and landed a few blows on the man. If you can only handle yourself around the right vibrations, you need to look at yourself again.

4. Often after experiencing certain states , spiritual arrogance creeps in. This is very common. Be watchful. The idea that someone else is not spiritually where you are, is wrong. Remember every one is on their own journey. This is not a race. All you are doing is strengthening the ego by thinking this way, this time you are legitimising it.

5. Unable to carry on with a job. This is possible after an awakening. You might change your job which may be more suitable with what you are experiencing now. But it happens naturally. As opposed to the desire to no longer work.

On the spiritual journey there is often a strong desire not to engage in work this happens because as changes happen at all levels you may no longer want to engage in certain kinds of work. But be watchful, is it really stemming from some change within our are you using spirituality as an excuse to avoid something.

6. Personal hygiene and eating can take a back seat. 

7. Over indulgence in material life. One may suddenly believe they are too cool for school. The false idea that some changes and experiences mean you are beyond the ego is the biggest bypass. Until you are grounded in your own reality do not fool yourself. The ego is sly as a fox and knows when to re enter. Do not use spiritual progress as an excuse to indulge.


Wishing all of you abundant light.