The more I write, the more I get healed. This blog is more of a testimony towards my unhealed emotions and soul wherein after writing this I will be more peaceful and will take a step forward towards my soul’s healing through forgiveness.

Forgiveness, as best quoted in Bhagwat Geeta, is:

If you want to see the brave, look at those who can forgive.

Now with the passing time I learned that holding the grudge can never be a part of the healing process inside me.

I have to let go of all those scars which were never meant to be a part of my soul. They not only make the process of healing difficult but also make it highly complex by expecting an apology from those who never realised what they did to you?

How did I break? Why did I break? And how much intimately they are involved in the process of my soul-shattering.

Maybe the answers I am trying to find will always be secured as questions. So let it be in what it is to be. It never made a difference before and it never will. Reading a lot of blogs and imperative reading made me realise that to heal yourself, it’s important to let go of what was never meant to be in your life.

It is firmly quoted:

Change is the only permanence in this illusionistic world.

So let this change make a positive impact on my life as I have now understood that the hurt by anyone who shattered me was more circumstantial than intentional. Though it wasn’t justifiable and it never will ever be, however, taking a leap of faith I assume that you are as much shattered as I am.

Forgiving is the best way that I can step into healing myself and maybe for you too. I understand this now, and assimilate the circumstances to its benefits that our healing process will be an advantage to both of us at this phase in life.

Though this process may take a long time because I never imagined the circumstances that I am in and never wanted to be in these ones, however I now surrender to the almighty and accept that this had to happen.

Forgiveness is only real if I let go with the whole consciousness. Then only, the body can commence healing. As I now remember the lines I read on one of my favourite blog —You are not excusing their actions instead you are lifting the burden from your heart.

Healing and forgiveness are synonyms. Forgive yourself and forgive others, forgive life itself, and move forward with a newfound sense of completion and wholeness, where only happiness matters.

As I now come to the end of it, I wholeheartedly forgive everyone who didn’t understand my true loving intentions and I accept that you are also facing difficulties in moving ahead. I understand, you also never wanted the phase just as much as didn’t. But, I also accept that this change will excel our life in a better way.

Let’s love ourselves first and it eventually will heal us.


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