Thumbs nibbles and takes the work, slowly. Just like they have rested for a while. Which is surely true. We have been in a pause for a while. You might be thinking what I’m talking about?

When was the last time when you have taken the soil in your hand? Rubbed them across your fingers and rested on the palm. Can’t recall? It’s been a while for sure. The small granule of the soil. Makes you think how small we are. Every small particle combines together to form soil. Eventually covers the whole surface of the planet. Gain’s the reorganization of Mother Earth (one which we relay for our food.)

Let’s give it a thought, how a small granule of soil. (that hardly matters) Becomes so important when seen in a bigger picture. Maybe we don’t realize. Our small gesture of kindness and conscious practice of good work count. Those small moments which barely makes any difference in our way of living. Gradually and finally, will makes a big impact to the person for whom it looks difficult. Be like the soil.

Not everyone will know your worth. Until and unless you are being ploughed with the right person. Who will know your true essence. And he will be anchoring you to hold the whole existence in one place.

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