Salutations to that unknown force that has brought me in contact with all these people who inspire me. 

I am no Dattatreya, but Medha Ji’s challenge motivated me to write about all the people who have given me ways to overcome my limitations and walk the path of self evolvement. By no means am I implying that all the people in the list are enlightened or comparing them with each other nor am I identifying the relative importance of each of them. But they all have helped me in  some ways.

  1. Balasubramanian Yogi – I wrote about his teaching to me here. In summary these are his teachings: This world is like a dream. Whatever you want can be materialized if you keep your mind focused on it positively. In order to constantly do this, he suggested I keep thinking “May I have a healthy body, healthy mind and prosperity”  (roughly translated). If you meet someone who doesn’t get along with you, the suggested prayer is “May he/she be supportive of me and May good things happen to me because of them”. If you find yourself getting angry, the suggested method is : Wash your face and ears and tell your thoughts “Those who wish me well, please stay with me. Everyone else, please leave”.
  2. Paramahansa Yogananda and SRF – When I asked Balasubramanian Yogi to take me as his disciple, he refused and ultimately led me to SRF. I was inspired by how much love and joy some of the devotees radiated as much as the teachings of PY. One sweet lady was praying for me to reach the ashram on time, after I had called and told her I was on the way and had travelled from long distance to see the Master’s living quarters. Though I gained much and also got initiated,  I was trying to fall in love with my “head”. My heart fell for a bald headed Swami who cracks jokes  and laughs like a child.
  3. Adele Faber, Elene Mazlish and Haim Ginnot – I loved all of their books on parenting. Very practical tips.
  4. Sridhar Maheshwari – Not only do I gain much from his Videos on parenting (On youtube), I also belong to his parenting support group and group counseling. His discussions and methods are laden with wisdom.
  5. BJ Fogg – He is the author of Tiny habits. I have written about some of his methods here 
  6. Thich Nath Hanh – Would highly recommend the book “The ART of communicating”. It is a book that I feel should be made mandatory in college or school. 
  7. – Needless to say. Everyone of you has inspired me to develop devotion. I am still a long way away though.
  8. Sushree Diyaji and her Dad Vipul Uncle – Though she is part of the platform, I felt compelled to mention them separately. One can read a 100 books on devotion and still be dry, but it helps to hear from and talk to someone who has that relationship. Devotion doesn’t come to me naturally, since I am more left brained, but with Vipulji’s encouragement, I am slowly trying to have a conversation with Swamiji when I go to bed. I hope someday this habit will gain enough momentum and I have this conversation through out the day.
  9. Swamiji – There isn’t much to say here. I am just an undeserving child who has come under his shade. My inner demons have knocked me down many times, but I am still fighting with him by my side.

Thank you for being part of my world.