This is something that everyone who starts their journey about it thinks that what it means to be spiritual, being spiritual means being righteous soul. Whatever your path may be but basic line of control is being righteous. By being so you sharpen your existing knowing and clear the path ahead. There are many ways to start your spiritual growth,in India it very common among people to follow traditional values so for people here it is little easy to start , spirituality demands definitely dedication and consistent efforts ,values and strong beliefs are the primary factors which clears the way towards spirituality. In Hindu scripts it is mentioned that sprituality is a way of life it’s not a magic it has to be practiced and lived.You can start spirituality at any place whereever you wish to start there are no conditions for it ,yes there are certain methods which needs to be followed and it won’t come into practice over night so be patient and keep going ,always have hope that good will happen for no apperant reason.