It has been ages when we last talked, laughed, and shared thoughts. Those long walks, drives, and late-night dinners are now a subject of the past. Strolls on the Mall Road were daily rituals. Those crushes and infatuation were something we smile at now.  Still remember the days of cooking, drinking, singing, and dancing all night parties. Those drags and wild stuff. Do we lived those days or are these the dreams we lived, I still think sometimes were they there. All of us have these questions about our past and still doubt were we like that.

Life is not what we always perceive it to be. It is a show in which we all are characters and we are supposed to play our role perfectly. The script changes every day and it is always demanding, it needs us to give our best shot. Every day a new episode is written and we are given a specific role sometimes we play a hero, aside actor or maybe a villain. Not always do we get to play our favorite role but it is always advisable to play it with love and utmost care so that it is your best performance. It is said that live as if it is your last day and make it the best performance.

Friends, Family, and foes come and go, they play their role and give us memories and lessons before they move on to the next screenplay. We perceive every act, every individual to be true and be present in our lives, but seldom they are.

Life is not always what we perceive but it is a stage show we had worked around. The best we can do is to play our role to perfection so that our co-actors don’t miss us but are always forced to remember us.

So don’t just perceive, live it.

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