Paul wrote in His letter to the Romans that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” At the time he wrote that verse, no “Bible” existed, so that wasn’t the “word” about which he wrote. Instead, he referred to the verbal and written testimony of those experiencing Christ-transformation.

The believers in Jesus’ Christhood traveled, testified, and penned their individual Christ experiences and exchanged letters between their home churches (satsangs) – the “word” or testimony of God in their personal lives. Some scholars say those letters numbered in the thousands. As each group heard what Jesus was doing elsewhere, before and after His ascension, their faith was encouraged.

Faith, the muscle of belief – love in practice, is much easier to gain when we see others successfully exercising it. In fact, it’s contagious. Meher Baba said, “Love is self-communicative: Those who do not have it catch it from those who have it.”

I believe God continually provides humanity with a fully realized Christ, in body, walking this planet. After such a being leaves their body (mahasamadhi), their influence continues to grow, and then God sends another who builds on the spiritual foundations previously laid.

My present faith, found through hearing His devotees’ words, tells me Neem Karoli Baba is a true Son of God, “Laxman-Christ,” provided for you and me in this day and age. Although He left His body nearly fifty years ago, the stories in this book show He is more active now than ever.

If you are a soul desiring to grow in devotion to Maharaj-ji, “Whisper In The Heart” is a work that will build your faith tremendously. No matter your background or personality type, there’s a story in this book that will resonate with you right where you are in your spiritual journey. Likely you’ll love them all as each one is soaked in agape!

One of the characteristics I sincerely appreciate about this compilation is the organization of stories by what method Maharaj-ji used to communicate. To some, Baba spoke through dreams. To others through books or a photo. Many met Him through Ram Dass, on a yatra (spiritual pilgrimage), or through psychedelics. To a few, He appeared in person. These stories, as a whole, show how Maharaj-ji comes to each soul in a way that resonates with them individually and permanently.

Moreover, this book reinforces my sentiment that Baba speaks to us in every moment and every way. Each and every testimony given by His devotees in these pages demonstrates that our lives are a continual master class in love and grace. After reading it, I was once again encouraged to look for Maharaj-ji in all hearts, for that’s where He resides today.

I was especially touched by Zach Leary’s story, the son of famous LSD evangelist and counter-culture icon Timothy Leary. It shows how we’re all part of Maharaj-ji’s plans, even across multiple generations. What might look like a spiritual “train wreck” today, Maharaj-ji will use to enrich and bless us tomorrow and in the ages to come. Baba’s family is much larger than any of us can imagine, and His intricate working more profound than can be comprehended.

Additionally, the organization of this book makes it a perfect devotional guide. It contains more than one hundred and fifty short stories about Baba Neem Karoli’s ongoing plan to bring this planet into full Christ-consciousness one soul at a time – including yours! Read one testimony each day for six months and find yourself enriched, encouraged, and more in love with your Guru than ever!

It gets my highest recommendation and will definitely be re-read in our home – 10/10. Buy it without hesitation, and be blessed!

In Christ with you!

Ram Ram!


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