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This newsletter delivers wisdom from Om Swami, powerful resources and life-transforming real experiences that I carefully pick for you tell a friend

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We are growing leaps and bounds. Many of you have said it is getting difficult to stay on top of the great ideas and posts because of the sheer number of articles (422 posts in the past month). I hear you.

Starting May, I’d also be doing a round-up of posts weekly (I hear your excitement, yay!). Instead of Saturdays, we will meet Wednesdays. Of course, Swamiji continues to write on schedule — every first and third Saturday of the month. He will continue to show us the way to a more fulfilling and meaningful life through his invaluable posts.

Now, time for our os.me picks. These are gloomy times, we are struggling to keep afloat. There is uncertainty and fear.

The only things that can save us are kindness and empathy.

The only things that can save us are kindness and empathy. Here's a round-up of wisdom to navigate life, and stories that instil hope tell a friend

I bring to you wisdom from Swamiji to navigate life mindfully + real experiences that move, motivate and instil hope + a resource to improve life + shout-outs

Wisdom from Swamiji

The Four Truths of Life: Swamiji wrote this insightful piece after meeting the daughters of sex workers from Mumbai’s red-light district. He explains the four truth of human existence so that you can make the most of your life and give it meaning. 

How To Increase Brain Power?: Read this post by Swamiji to harness the power of your brain, shed self-limiting beliefs and tap into the universal consciousness.

7 Real Experiences

Are Parents Really God: It’s a heartbreaking read. Narayani Krishne writes about her difficult childhood. One of the punishments that were regularly doled out to her was getting red chilli powder rubbed into her eyes and mouth. She’d scream and wither in pain and fear. But it continued, so did the beatings that left her broken. She revisits those painful memories for us. The thing about kindness is that a lack of it can ruin lives. 

A Wonderful New World: On a bus to Vienna from Sofia, Evgeni Evgeniev encounters a world that comes together to help a battered stranger. The selfless act leaves Evgeni and the readers with goosebumps.

Honey with Winnie: Everyone’s favourite cartoon, Winnie the Pooh, has a lot of wisdom and life hacks. Ankita Biswal has taken it upon herself to introduce it to us through this fun series. 

Suicide: Shalini Pandey reflects on her cousin’s suicide five years after the tragedy. Her cousin was a bright poet, taught History as an Assistant Professor and came across as chirpy. The incident that broke her is a flaw in our society. But did the cousin have no other choice? Shalini offers some answers. 

The Power of Kindness:  What’s the best thing to do when you receive kindness? To pay it forward. Hetal Sonpal sets in motion a wonderful chain of random acts of kindness. Read and get inspired. 

The Silent Whispers of the Universe: Lina World has saved many a thing from getting stolen by being at the right place at the right time. This once she walked into a thief who was walking away with someone’s bike, turns out it was her own. This is a fascinating read about how the universe is constantly trying to help us. 

Feed Others Before You Feed Yourself: Empathy and compassion for all beings will save us and our world. Chandrika Shubham Saini is leading by example. 

A Meaningful Resource

The Art of Devotion: This 4-week virtual camp @os.me with Sadhvi Vrinda Om is a humble attempt to fill the sweet days of summer with love and longing for the Supreme Lord. If in your tender heart there lies dormant a desire to be with Him, then there’s a way to cut through Samsara. Here’s an opportunity to learn from Sadhviji, be part of her discourse and get answers to your questions directly from the wise one. Starts tomorrow morning (April 25), reserve your spot now!

Shout-Outs + Stats

I am ecstatic to give this shout-out. Guess what!

Our community of writers is going places. The beautiful and thought-provoking writings of four of our writers — Chantal Om, Sushree Diya Om, Riya Om and Divya Om — have made it to two recently published anthologies, Shades of a Woman: Navigating Society as a Woman; and Liberation: Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Society. The books have been edited by Samhitha Reddy. The anthologies (look absolutely swell!) are a collection of powerful prose and verse that will surely enrich your life. Please order your copies here and here. Don’t forget to drop your compliments to the authors.

It’s a moment of pride for the os.me family. It fills my heart with glee and gratitude to see so many of our writers getting published. Here’s wishing many more milestones to each of us. 

Talking of milestones, our exclusive community of amazing people published 422 posts between Mar 25 and Apr 21. Both Sri Devi Om and Meera Om are on a roll, they published 25 and 24 posts in this period. Meera (1223), Hetal (393) and Komal R (393) received the maximum number of comments on their posts.

The five posts that received the maximum number of comments are: When my Mom Died (156); The Little Girl Who Loved Animals – 4 (117); Are Parents Really God? (113); The Luck of My Life (88); and The Om Swami Way (88). This month, we had 25 authors who wrote their first post on os.me. Both Manish Vyas and Vedant Ranadive made quite a debut-month splash with 8 posts each. 

Oh! Now you can also tell how many people are following you. Did you notice? 

Did you check out our next episode of Truth be Told? This time, we engaged the fabulous and passionate Nupur Sharma in a quick chat. You don’t want to miss this. 

This post has gone longer than intended. I want to keep talking to you, but I’ll see you more often now — every Wednesday starting May. Let me conclude for now. I hope you are keeping well. May you stay healthy, safe and happy.

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