I hope your day is starting out well. I am bubbling with ideas.

This week is a long holiday in India. It’s just the time to indulge in some writing therapy. So, I have conceived a unique writing project for the os.me community and anyone who wants to join. If you are not a member yet, simply make a free account.

Here’s what we are going to do. For five days in a row, we will meet every day online for 45 minutes. After settling down, we will get the writing prompt of the day. We will gather our thoughts on the topic for the next five minutes. And then start writing for 30 minutes. No less, no more — 30 minutes on the clock. The last five minutes are for switching back, reading through the article quickly, and waving each other goodbye. Later in the day, we will post the write-up on os.me.

This is a group project, and we are doing this for the first time ever on os.me. It’s not a contest. We all come out winners from this experience. And who knows, there might be something really cool at the end. We even might get an established author to share their thoughts with us.

The possibilities are endless.

If you’d want to be part of this exciting group writing, leave your names under this thread by August 12, evening. I will send you the details later.

Oh! There is also a chance to meet clinical psychologist and author Scott Haas, and discuss Ukeireru and Acceptance from the man himself! All about that in the weekly blog list below.

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Transformative Ideas

Success-Fool?: In this eclectic and evocative prose, Pritha wonders if it is even possible to ‘follow the heart’. Our circumstances and immediate environment condition us and could be a determinant. Then, what does success mean?

100 Ways to Live a Miserable Life: I kid you not! The title is accurate to the blog. Prahalad Rajkumar has listed 100 ways to, yes, live a miserable life. And an alternative title could be 100 Things to Avoid for a Better Life. What not to do 100. You choose.  

Illusions —4: The world is an illusion but also a chance to ‘clean up the internal garbage’, writes Pariselvakumar Panneerselvam.

The Story of Babana: This is a story about a ghost. The ghost liked troubling the ones who were in intense sadhana. And then, he became one of the favourites of god. When I read this blog by Arnab Chakrabarti, and I realised that circumstances might be just an excuse. Secondly, a guru is needed to show us the path that leads to moksha.

Say Hello To Truth: Words wield incredible power. How can you use this power effectively? Let Pankaj Verma show you the way to make this platform an ‘economy of awareness’ for the greater good.

To Be Or Not To Be: We have all heard the story about a sadhu who turns a mouse into a cat and then a dog, etc., and then a tiger and back to mouse. Until this blog, I had seen it as a story about ungratefulness. But Sohini introduced me to the other side, the side where the sadhu resides. The moral of the story being good depends on many factors such as intentions, circumstances and consequences. But don’t listen to me, read this blog instead.

Sadhana App Marketing in 10 Minutes: I have a universal confession — Quora is addictive. Vinay suggests using it to promote everyone’s favourite Sadhana App. He lays down a quick step-by-step guide to help you. And I say, you can use the same steps to promote and spread awareness about os.me. So, why wait? Spread the good word now!

AcceptanceI had the good fortune of a conversation with none other than Scott Haas, clinical psychologist and author of Why Be Happy: The Japanese Way of Acceptance. He shares insights on the road to happiness through acceptance (which doesn’t mean resignation, BTW). Watch the latest Truth Be Told here, and leave your thoughts in the comments section. We will get Haas to read those and maybe answer some of your questions. And, who knows, perhaps we could get the author of some of the best questions and compliments to interact with him directly!  

Watch it Now!

To learn the real meaning of acceptance and happiness from clinical psychologist and author Scott Haas, watch the full Truth Be Told conversation, here!

Wisdom from Om Swami

The Secret of Being Positive: Often, when people say they want to be positive, what they are saying is how do I be happy and hopeful under almost all circumstances. Spiritual leader Om Swami shares the truth and shows the way.

Leaving Your Regrets Behind: For no direct fault of our own, it sometimes seems our present turns out different to what we envisaged all along, and we think life will give us some indication on how to fix it. But there’s none. That’s the raw truth for you. However, there is spiritual leader Om Swami! Read his insightful piece to shed the old you easily.

Dear os.me family, I am excited to meet you for the group writing project. You can get your family and friends to participate too! If you don’t have an account yet, make a free account now. Do not forget to leave your names under the thread here, to be part of this cool group.

And, if you haven’t noticed yet, we now have a Karmic Debt Assessment feature. There is a widget on the right top corner for Karmic Debt Assessment. Go, take the test right away!

I am planning some more phenomenal activities for our communities. Check back os.me often, it’s good for your mental health, I say that from personal experience.

Until next…

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