Ma Anand Sheela is a redoubtable stateswoman who hit international headlines with her grit, gumption and sharp tongue when she built and ran Rajneeshpuram in the US of A.

I posted about my meeting with Ma Anand Sheela or Sheela Biernstiel, who lives in Switzerland now, on my social media. Since some of you aren’t on my Facebook and most of you aren’t on FB at all, I thought of reproducing it on my favourite platform —

When I met her, I was greeted by a warm and soft-spoken person whose calmness was contagious. Was she indeed the skilful éminence grise who kicked up a storm with her witty comebacks and provocative one-liners (remember: tough titties)? What left people in awe is that even back in the ‘80s, the 70-year-old had the guts to live life as she wanted to and totally own her story with all its vagaries, including prison time and controversies.

When I complimented her on her courage and vision, she told me, ‘You all have to create your story and you have many ways to create it.’

But living life on one’s own terms isn’t easy, Ma— I complained. Surfaced the old resolute voice: ‘Not easy is not a good excuse either… To not live life in your own way is a very coward way to live,” she said with conviction, adding, “Life is tough, baby. Life’s not easy. You have to go through your crisis, don’t look for easy, don’t make it easy for yourself. Easy is for cowards. Be brave. What you have to do, you must, easy or difficult. Whatever difficulty comes, say, ‘Ah! I can do it’. The choice is always yours. It happens that sometimes you choose the wrong, then accept the consequences.”

But how does one stay calm in the midst of a storm, how did she manage it? “I don’t blame my crisis and catastrophes on others. I take responsibility for my crisis, I try to analyse it understand it and I don’t put my burden on others…”

And what lives with me from the meeting are her following words: ‘I can tell you one thing — I love my life!’

If you have watched the famous Netflix series Wild, Wild Country (pretty lopsided IMHO), you know about the storm she had to brave. But she lives on, inspiring generations of young women around the world. You might or might not agree with her, but you can’t take away from her that she lived fantastically, and continues to write her story.

Here’s when we met

I hope it inspires you to live life well. In that pursuit, let me offer you blogs which serve as the guideposts on this journey  

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