We started the month with the promise to make it a September to remember. And we kept our word. It has been a terrific month for os.me and its precious members. We have upgraded a few features, our repertoire of writers looks stunning, and our stats are solid. As we meet for the fifth time this month, here’s a compendious look back at the successful month.

Let’s begin with the piece of news we have all been waiting for: You can now use your Karma earnings to purchase or gift memberships and courses. So, yay!

Our portfolio of acclaimed writers is booming. We are inviting notable writers to join our spiritual community. You will identify them by the golden leaf/globe next to their posts. Two such much-admired writers are Bollywood screenwriter Mahendra Jakhar @mahen, and international author Francesc Miralles (@francesc). Miralles is a celebrated author who co-wrote smash-hit Ikigai, which delves into the hows and whys of finding the purpose of life. Both have promised to share their compelling writings regularly. Don’t forget to follow them to benefit from their exceptional outlook. In the coming months, our portfolio of brilliant writers is bound to expand.

You embraced the Write Choice challenge with all your heart. Excitement and thrill permeated the platform. The stats say it was a spectacular success. We clocked 700 posts (and counting) this month! Here’s a shout-out to the top performers. Neelam Om and Hritik wrote the maximum number of blogs, 81 and 75, respectively. Luv Sarpal, Palak Bedi and Meera Om said the maximum number of amazing things; they are the top commenters this month. Neelam, Sandeep Sibs, and Hritik received the maximum number of comments on their posts overall.

While writing a post requires research or vulnerability of a certain degree, writing comments is also an art. It is a great responsibility that demands thoughtfulness. When people read our posts, they invest their irreversible resource in our work — time! Likewise, when someone receives a comment, they hope for encouragement, feedback, or a point of view. So, make your comments worth it!

A good comment can go a long way in encouraging writers and also make them win a spot on our stats list. For instance, Sadhvi Shraddha Om has three amongst the top five most-commented posts. Her posts चिंता, द्वन्द and प्रशंसा received 116, 110, and 100 comments. Shalini Pandey’s post titled My Pregnancy got 109 comments, and Zack Om Bazarnick’s Spiritual Diary and Divine Grace got 104 comments. Sadhvi Shraddha deserves a special mention, for she had four posts amongst the five most-commented posts last month too.

Last week’s digest, Writing Contests 2021, was love-bombed and how! It is perhaps the most well-received news post in the young history of os.me round-up posts. This only means that the international writing competitions will have os.me members as winners, right? Take the plunge, submit your entries. Who knows, you might be the next Commonwealth prize winner or the recipient of the coveted $20,000 flash-fiction award.

As September drew to a close, we lapped up the first episode of Truth Be Told season 2. This time, we had Meals of Happiness founder, Anchal Sharma, sharing her extraordinary story. Hers is an inspirational story in every sense of the word. Anchal is kind, courageous, truthful and mindful — every bit OSME! If you haven’t watched it yet, give it a dekko. The video is listed below, or you can read her story, here.

There is still a day left to accomplish your September to-do list! If you need inspiration, here are some wonderful reads to keep you going.

Transformative Ideas

Children and Parents: Celebrated author Francesc Miralles writes that both parents and kids have certain responsibilities towards each other. “The job of the parents is to bring their children to life. The children also have their sacred task: accompanying their parents in death,” he says as he talks about the complex relationship he shared with his father.

The Saintly Way: Award-winning poet Sadhvi Vrinda Om pens yet another beautiful verse summing up the ultimate truth. In a few words, she packs the wisdom of aeons.

True Leaders Create More Leaders, Not Followers: “Leadership is not a position, it’s a mindset,” says Bollywood screenwriter and author Mahendra Jakhar. He reveals the most important trait of a great leader. Read on to find out.

3 Simple DIY Meditation Techniques: Khushboo Shukla lists three very easy techniques to start on the path of meditation. Align mind, body and soul.

Why Am I Not Growing Up?: Anu’s teenage daughter is growing up to be quite a fashionista who loves a shopping spree. As the teenager shows her makeup haul, dress collection and shoe stock, Anu can’t seem to share the excitement. It’s a warm slice of life to be enjoyed with a smile and chai.

Wisdom From Swamiji

The 84th Problem: “At any point in time, you’ll always have 84 problems in your life. The 84th is the key. If you solve the 84th problem, the first 83 will resolve themselves,” writes spiritual leader Om Swami in his inimitable style. Figure out the 84th problem, read now.

Your Karmic Account: Did you know we all have an individual Karmic account? Everything you do is immaculately maintained in this account. So, how does one make the right deposit into this account? Let Swamiji answer that.

At any point in time, you'll always have 84 problems in your life. The 84th is the key. If you solve the 84th problem, the first 83 will resolve themselves. + Other compelling reads tell a friend

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Quote of the Week

A man who is 100% sane is dead ~~ Osho

Author Francesc Miralles of smash-hit Ikigai is now on os.me He will be sharing his exceptional blogs regularly with our community. Join the community now tell a friend

That was the month at a glance. Adios, September! Let’s fill the canvas of October with fall colours. I will be on the lookout for posts on emotions to include in my following newsletter. Did you know there are about 34,000 emotions? Which one will you write about? Or simply share tips to build emotional quotient and manage emotions. My favourites would be those personal tales that bring out our vulnerable side.

Stay OSME and write away to glory!

Until next…