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  Posted 11mo ago

Comeback from Hell

Sharing my experience of being sick for a week and what it made me...

  Posted 12mo ago

Retire Early Or Never Retire

The only truth when u are alive is death and only truth when are...

  Posted 12mo ago

39,197 Pages Across 131 Books

My Reading Journey of 2021

  Posted 12mo ago

Joy of Not Finishing

I almost missed finishing this blog #TheWriteChoice

  Posted 12mo ago

First Principles

I was talking to my 14 year old friend and his father and the...

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Roots and Fruits

A casual conversation with an old friend lead to an idea for a post

  Posted 12mo ago

Find the Swami in You

This is my learnings from Swamiji

  Posted 12mo ago

Reporting Live From the Ashram

Sharing my first visit to the Ashram

  Posted 1 year ago

Make Your Bed

Small step, large implications

  Posted 1 year ago

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You...

Reflecting my thoughts, loosely influenced by a book with the same title

  Posted 1 year ago

Cold Water Shower

My experience of switching.

  Posted 1 year ago

Relation with Relationships

Simplicity of our relationships, or is it the complexity, defines our state of mind,...

  Posted 1 year ago

Highlights and Lowlights

Just watching the highlights, never gives you the true picture. Devil is in the...

  Posted 1 year ago

Geet Gata Chal

This is a follow up of a post I wrote in July. Read more...

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Book Giveaway Offer — Against All Odds

The platform that gave me the maximum encouragement to write and publish my Dad's...