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The power of being alone

It is better to walk alone than fool

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How to  consult your doctor for your any...

Our mind is the best doctor with in us , it is better to...

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Consult Your Mind Doctor Made Available Within...

there are four brains and others are sub brains Left brain - logical thoughts...

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Your Need in Life

There are  some special need in life -physical , psychological , emotional

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Learn to Love the Insecurity of Life

Life is basically insecure. That is the intrinsic( inherent) quality: it cannot be changed...

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Living Values

All human mind is searching peace, without peace , there is no stability, not...

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What is the Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is to discover the gift given by God and  distribute...

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Karma , Can You Control Your Destiny 

Our Karma is attributed to our success and responsible for making our destiny

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Being Bliss

In the event of conflict , there is is a difference of opinion and...

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Memory, Imagination and Sufferings

We suffer in our life by two dimensions one is memory and other is...

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What is need in your life

There are  some special needs in life -physical , psychological , emotional ,

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Cleanness Inside and Outside

It is important to clean the stains-like anger ,jealous and poking on our body...

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Stress Management

Stress management is the cause of all disease

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Free the Spirit

To examine the feeling and thought of spirit inside of us to know about...

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A Tongue is in the Teeth

Learn from tongue being peaceful flexible , the more flexible in life , more...

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