1 year ago

Tools of a Wordsmith

Literary Devices to accentuate your writing

1 year ago

A Story from the Ancient History for...

A mingle of vices from the past with the present.

1 year ago

Old Habits Die Hard

And sometimes old is really the gold ore

1 year ago

Stranded Soul Lands on My Bed

Is she for real or just a figment of imagination? #writeforosdotme

1 year ago


Dip in and take a Sip of my dose of Spirituality #writewithosdotme

1 year ago

My Struggle with Sprirituality

A struggle I was not prepared for #writewithosdotme

1 year ago

To Err is Human or is It...

The GODS too have fallen prey to doubts and conflicts

1 year ago

Altruistic Suicide for Cindrella

Stream of Consciousness of Cinderella's step-mom #writewithos.me

1 year ago

Keeping My Thoughts To Myself

It’s easier said than done #writewithos.me

2y ago

My lost love

Love is perennial.