Manas's writings

5mo ago

How Was Your Weekend?

Do you care to hear the answer?

8mo ago

Having Compassion, Is Not Out of Fashion!

गेंदा हो या ग़ुलाब, क्या फ़र्क है जनाब!

1 year ago

From Netflix To Help Tricks

How streaming platforms help us board Enlightenment Express

2y ago

Helping Your Neighbors In A Spiritual Crash...

Do not keep your almost-enlightened self to yourself. Share and step back.

2y ago

Lessons On In-Laws And Self-Actualization

Learnings on self-actualization with in-laws before they make you an outlaw

2y ago

A Heart-to-Heart Conversation With Your Spouse

How open and constructive conversations help you build a strong back.

2y ago

To Be Born Or Not To Be...

Existential conversation between Daughter-Father

2y ago

Kindle Karma

How kindle brings you to the doorsteps of enlightenment, well, almost…

2y ago

Almost Evolved

The trials and tribulations of being almost-evolved...

2y ago

माँ की ख़ामोशी

The heady mix of pride, righteousness and anger - and the price we all...

2y ago

हो मन का या ना मन का...

जा कर्म तेरे अनमन ना हो

2y ago

Lost & Found

Life has not signed any contract with me. There is no promise for the...

2y ago

Holding Hands

Hold hands of someone who needs love, attention, support, acknowledgement. Maybe it’s us.

2y ago

May All Your Wishes Not Come True

The fear of going to a dentist is far greater than the visit itself....

2y ago

Why Not To Become A Better Version...

There is always a book on how to. And it’s usually in steps. 4,...